Emails: How the Process Works

Email MarketingThe process of creating an HTML e-mail for an email marketing campaign is very different from creating a basic web page. Though the files are stored on a web server similiarily, the creation process requires strict adherence to specific to guidelines developed to ensure that the e-mail can be viewed properly from a variety of e-mail clients (i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook etc.).

The logistics: Before the e-mail can be sent, there are several pieces that have to be gathered and approved:

  1. The client determines the timeline and scheduling of emails.
  2. Client supplies written content/copy at least 2 weeks before email is to be sent out.  
  3. E-mail is concepted and sent to client for approval.
  4. Once approved, e-mail is split and converted to HTML. 

Web? email marketing: The total price of any email campaign will depend on the email solution you use and the complexity of the email template your designer will create for you.

Additional costs will include prices to send emails out to your entire list. Depending on the service you choose, Mailchimp, MyEmma, Constant Contact, etc. those prices may vary.

The Template: Depending on the email template you choose, it may be "recycled," or modified and tweaked for future campaigns, so typically, the template is usually a one time investment created by your designer. After the template is created and the email campaign's content and other materials are inserted into it, you can send it to your subscribers or even a specifically targeted segment of your subscriber list. A number of other powerful marketing options are included in the total campaign fee.

The Reports: Once your mass email is sent out, you can sit back and wait to observe the results. A weekly list of bounced email addresses (bad or expired email accounts), unsubscribes and other important information can be emailed to you. You may also want to request specific marketing information, these options are covered by the total email campaign fee, but are only made available upon request. You can request one report per email campaign per week.

A standard report will show you:

  • Successful Deliveries
  • Times Forwarded
  • Forwarded Opens
  • Recipients Who Opened
  • Total Times Opened
  • Last Open Date 
  • Recipients Who Clicked
  • Total Clicks
  • Number of Times Each Link was Clicked
  • Last Click Date
  • Total Unsubscribes

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